Arash Abizadeh, Department of Political Science, McGill University, 855, rue Sherbrooke ouest, Montréal, Québec, Canada  H3A 2T7

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pronouncing my name in english


first name


'Arash' is the name of a legendary archer in Persian mythology.


The first syllable is pronounced AH, as in the Canadian vowel-sound in 'talk' or 'shop'.


There is no emphasis on the second syllable, which is pronounced like the word 'rash' (rhymes with gash).


family name


'Abizadeh' has two parts: Abi + Zadeh.


The first part is pronounced exactly like Abbey.


The second part is a Persian suffix that means born of. (So the name 'Anderson' would be translated as Anderzadeh in Persian.)


The emphasis is on the first, not the second, syllable of 'Zadeh'. The 'a' in 'Za' is pronounced like the 'a' in 'talk'. The 'deh' is pronounced like 'deck' without the ck sound. (It's not pronounced like 'day'.)